Thursday, August 23, 2007

Was it Good?

This was a question over on my livejournal in response to the bonus question for TMI Tuesday so thought I would share it and the answer here...

Was it GOOD sex? Was it as good as with someone who has had sex with you often enough that they know what moves ya? Was it good because their technique was good or was it good because of the whole "doin' ya within an hour of knowin' ya"?

One of the guys I was with - within an hour of meeting - was good! Was more then good! He was good because it was exciting just being that attracted to each other that we couldn't wait, it was good because he knew what I liked without me saying a word...and it was good because we just had so much fun with each other in and out of bed. We ended up being "fuck buddies" and friends for a while too but never boyfriend/girlfriend.

There were 2 other times I can think of that this happened and one was bad. The flirting and attraction was there but when we got to sex - he just wasn't that good. And at that point in my life I just wasn't vocal enough to tell him what would work good.

And the other he was good - we had fun - but what made it really exciting was that we had just met and felt it so went with it. It was the first time I had done that so I think it made it more exciting.

I do think most of the thrill comes from that I didn't know them that it was just attraction driving it.

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