Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dacron Spandex Hood

I forgot to follow up on this hood that I wrote about in my last post. This hood is made out of dacron spandex which almost feels like a scuba dive suit. It is that thick and tight. Actually so tight that creates lots of pressure against my face. At one point during our play the hood was creating so much pressure against my forehead that I was getting a headache. Master pulled up on it and repositioned it - even though it didn't feel out of position - it seemed to relieve some of the pressure.

Also I have with all of the open mouth hoods is pressure on my jaw that keeps my mouth open which of course is kind of the purpose. But during play that lasts longer then oral sex, my jaw ends up hurting from not being able to close it easily. It isn't a pleasant feeling when you are trying to just get into play. My focus seems to go those pains instead of just feeling the pain Master is giving me.

I don't know if it is just me - how the hoods fit me that create that or if that is how they always are for everyone. But I know that I wish they would be a little more comfortable as Master loves all our open mouth hoods - they are his favorites. And my favorite leather hood has an open mouth too but it isn't as bad as the pvc and dacron spandex hood. Still has some pressure on the jaw but not as much as the other two.

Anyone else have these problems with pressure over all and on the jaw?


  1. Hi danae!

    I love the picture that accompanies the post, very pretty!

    I do not have problems with jaw/facial pain/pressure with any of the hoods Master uses. What I do find difficult is my perceived inability to breathe, lol.

    Master uses everything from satin pillowcases (he has a very definite satin/silk fetish) to rubber hoods (ew, tough stuff).

    I really like the look of the hood you're wearing here...very sexy. And oh how nice that breathing would come easy in it! :)

    My fetlife profile is butterfly...and Master and I are in the Springs.

    Do you ever go to the Sanctuary or Enclave?

  2. Thank you for your comment! We have a full leather hood and that one I sometimes panic in thinking I won't be able to breath but of course just slowing down I do get air in.

    I looked at your profile on fetlife. You are so pretty!

    We haven't ever been to the Sanctuary or Enclave. When we are in Denver, we usually are there for business so it is work work and then back over here to GJ. I would really love to be able to go sometime - those and also a MaST meeting. But not sure when/if that will happen.

    Do you go to the Sanctuary or Enclave?


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