Monday, March 16, 2009

March Questions: Poly 3

When you find that right someone, will she moving in with you'all and will she be partnered only with M or will you have a sexual relationship with her too? And how do households work with two submissives? Will she be submissive to you?

When we find the right someone, it is the hope that she will be Master's slave and property and also have an intimate relationship with me. We want kind of a family feeling of doing things together and just sharing our lives with each other. Words there aren't words for the things I want to describe in our language or at least they aren't coming to me at the moment.

So...lets see where do I start...
As I said slave to Master. I hope for Master that she isn't allergic to latex as I am because he has a big latex fetish that I can't fulfill so I would like her to desire that. Someone that would like football and nascar would be great too - and that is said with tongue in cheek (well maybe I am serious). We hope she will have similar M/s beliefs of course. And other vanilla interests that are similar to ours - like the love of travel, doing day trips and drives, love of movies, creativity and so on.

I want someone who I can be sexual with, someone to lay in bed cuddling with and talking, someone to be a girlfriend with you know - go shopping for hair dye together, go to Michael's together and do those kind of girlfriend type things and be myself with as that is something I don't have here. I don't have anyone that knows all of me. I have to hold myself at arms length so having a friend that I can just be me would be great. Because that person would be intimate with me also - of course that just brings it to a whole other level of closeness.

We want us all 3 to have sexual interactions together and play together as well as just doing regular things together such as grocery shopping or things around the house. So we hope to each have a relationship with her as well as just all be a family.

Right now Master's house is not big enough for another to live here. Our special someone will most likely be moving here to relocate so I guess it is my opinion that it might be better for them to have a place of their own at first. I think because even if they move here we will still be getting to know each other because long distance relationships are far different from being here in person everyday. We will still be a family and I am sure she will spend LOTS of time here - this will be her home. So I see she might spend nights here and Master will most likely spend nights there with her too. But eventually the hope is we can move to get a bigger house and all live together.

She will be my equal. And will not be treated as second - which I don't like the words primary and secondary when talking about the relationship. It our hope that Master loves her as he loves me. And that she doesn't feel like she is a third wheel. Master will have time with just her as he has time just with me. Of course we are both different so the relationships will be different. I just never want her to feel she is second in the relationship. She won't be submissive to me. But I do have a slight sadistic streak and although in the past topping wasn't really my thing. If the chemistry is right and I feel that urge I think Master would allow me to co-top her with him . I don't think it is something I would feel I want to do just on my own. But as I said sometimes I have a slight sadistic streak and if the chemistry is right. But it would only be in play - topping/bottoming - not D/s.

I think I have covered all the questions but...maybe...And how do households work with two submissives?

Sleeping arrangements: When I was living in the poly household, we took turns sleeping with the dominant. And I think that is how it will go for the most part. When we get a bigger home, bigger bedroom it would be nice to all sleep with each other every once in a while but I see that being very uncomfortable for every night. Master is a bear and warms the bed up already - all 3 of us together oh my - you know I am going to be going through menopause soon and so I just imagine me wanting to escape the heat of 3 people in bed. :) But really we also have a cage so hope that maybe if one is in the bed the other is in the cage. Well it is nice fodderistic thought but might be doable still.

Chores: Shared for the most part I think. But most likely she will have a job outside our home so that to me means I don't feel fair that she has too many chores. But I think it depends on the person and of course what Master desires. When I lived in the poly household, it was suppose to be shared but often it wasn't. For meals we tried at first - one person cooks, another cleans and then just kind of had schedule between all the slaves on when and who does what. But we had one member of our family that when she cooked - there was food everywhere - ceiling, cupboards, walls. And she used almost every dish in the kitchen to cook too. So it was a deep cleaning job after she cooked. So we stopped that and made it that the person that cooked cleaned up too. It was hard at times because she was just a more messy person then the rest of us - like she spilled coke on the computer desk - she let it just run under the computer and keyboard and not clean it up. She spilled kool-aid on the carpet, it didn't cross her mind to clean it up right away. But I am hopeful that won't be a problem with us - our family as Master is involving me in getting to know the person - seeing if we are compatible too. And that wasn't the case in the poly household.

So I wrote a book...if I didn't answer any of the questions you had please feel free to ask me to clarify.

Please feel free to ask me a question or many!

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