Saturday, March 07, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you everyone who commented here, on my LJ and via email to my last post. I really appreciate it. And I might do a post about it also - thoughts behind some of the answers.

Thank you for all the questions I have gotten over at LJ and via email. Please feel free to keep them coming.

We got back late last night and I just wanted to write a little reminder of somethings I want to write about on our trip to the mountains...

* Great bed for bondage so.....amazing kinky sex!
* The hood - what this hood was doing to my forehead - maybe post to the hood group on FetLife
* Service at convention center
* Poly thoughts - of us 3 - such as all 3 being there in the mountains together
* Taking care of Master when he is sick and how it makes me feel

Now I am going to go work on some of the Q&A's so those should be coming up soon.

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