Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Questions: FetLife

How do you keep up with everything on FetLife? And I don't mean this to offend but why do you like FetLife? The threads there repeat just like we have seen a hundred times before.

Well I don't keep up. I loosely monitor the latest activity by those on my "friends" list. And when I see them post something that sounds interesting I go take a peek at the whole thread. But I hardly participate there because I just don't have the time or by the time I can respond everything I would have said was said by others.

And why I like it - well because it is pretty damn amusing reading some of the things people write but mostly I have had some great "conversations" with people there though. And that is my main reason because of where I live there isn't any community where I can interact with like-minded people so FetLife provides that for me for the most part.

I agree that the thread repeat and repeat and repeat. But it was the same on the elists we were on. They did that too. We got annoyed with them back then too. So no different now really. There are always people that are going to ask about safewords, gift of submission, SSC and all the other stuff that gets asked a million times. We won't ever get away from it. The links are to when I have written about those subjects - so even I discuss them. And really I can look back and remember I have discussed those subjects to nauseam on lists through the years.

Please feel free to ask me a question or many just a few more days of March

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