Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Questions: Sex

How do you define: bad sex? good sex? kinky sex? boring sex?

Bad sex well my first thought was sex when I am not in the mood but then of course that quickly fell through because I can think of many times Master has taken me and used me that I might not have fully liked it during but after and now I think of it and it turned me on that he just used me without regard to how I was feeling or what I wanted. So that doesn't count as bad sex to me. There are two times that just keep coming to mind from when I was an escort. And the first was with a client that sucked my toes for foreplay and I can't stand my feet even touched. The second was with a client that dirty and just smelled.

Good sex is kinky sex. So those two pretty much go hand and hand for me. Yesterday Master and I were talking about a specific time we played. There was lots of slapping, punching and other implements of torture. I was starting to zone out from the pain and he pulled me roughly from the bed where I was almost falling and scrambling to my feet. But he shoved me down to my knees and grabbed the latex hood and pulled it on me very roughly (latex not always easy to get on.) He stuffed me in the cage and then he laid on the bed and masturbated. It was one of my "scenes" with Master that is crystal clear in my memory. I didn't orgasm in that scenario - Master touched me - punching and slapping my pussy and I was sopping wet and so turned on by watching him that it was sex to me as it was very sexual in nature.

Boring sex is if it is the same thing over and over again. Like with often my ex-husband he just touch me the same way, have the sex the same way and end the same way. So that is boring sex to me. I don't feel sex without kink is boring - it can be nice at times but I do prefer kink with sex.

*** photo from that "scene" I described.

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